Middle-schoolers wrap Potter parody

Middle-school theater students recently performed a parody version of Harry Potter called “Sally Carter and the Censored Stone.” This play was the first one  of a the trilogy, and is mainly focused on the first two books.

“Picking out a play for the middle-schoolers can be hard because a lot of the options available are kind of babyish, so they don’t really want to do those,” theater teacher Maureen Fallon said. “And you can’t really do anything romantic because the students are uncomfortable at parts, and since this was a trilogy, it worked out well because now we can perform the other two plays in the next two following [school] years.”

Because Hurricane Irma pushed back “Oliver!”, middle-schoolers had only two weeks to prepare for the play.

“Even though we only had a little time to get ready I think the students did really well, the fact that it was Harry Potter helped the students latch on and take over the role in the speedy manor,” Fallon said.

The students had robes and ties that were ordered to complete their costumes.

“I love Harry Potter so I really enjoyed doing this play and dressing up as wizards,” seventh-grader Grant N said.

By Stephanie Gaulin

Editor’s note: Brevard Public Schools policy prohibits the inclusion of middle-schoolers’ last names on district-sponsored websites.