Middle-school SGA schedules out year

Following the busy preparation for the dance in October, members of middle school SGA have started to plan and schedule the year ahead, including a spring dance tentatively scheduled for March 6.

SGA adviser Bob Sarver said he thinks highly of this year’s members and what they will be able to accomplish in the future.

“They are a good group of kids who are really motivated in what they do,” he said.

While in slow time of the year, middle-school SGA is planning some new ideas.

“They are going to replicate a program that high school student government is going to introduce in the next few weeks of recognizing students who do good unnoticed things on a middle-school level,” Sarver said.

Setting everything up ahead of time to pull off an event can never hurt, according to MSSGA Vice President Lydia H.

“We’re getting a head start on the fund-raising in order to prepare for the dance in the spring,” the eighth-grader said. “Our next meeting will hopefully be covering the date and what exactly the fund-raiser is exactly going to be.”

By Kathryn Etherton

Editor’s note: Brevard Public Schools policy prohibits the use of middle-schoolers’ last names on district websites.