Media students prepare for statewide convention

As the Florida Scholastic Press Association’s annual statewide convention approaches, journalism students across Florida are preparing, and so are 33 members of West Shore’s student media program. Held in Orlando on April 23-25, the convention features many different events for the students to enjoy and learn from. 

“This is my second year going and if I could describe it in one word it would probably be chaotic, but the best kind of chaotic,” Sophia Bailey (10) said.

Bailly, not only attended last year’s convention, but a story she wrote received and All-Florida ranking, placing it among the best in the state. Bailly went last year when she was in Journalism 1, but this year she’s going as a member of the news magazine staff. 

“I’m really excited about going because last year I went, I was in journalism so I felt like I was going as an extra,” she said. “But this year I have friends on staff so they’ll be going too. I just think it’ll be fun to go and actually compete and since I know more people.”

While it’s her first year attending as a yearbook adviser, teacher Jodi Capron attended FSPA last year for the first time. 

“It’s crazy,” she said. “I couldn’t imagine how insane it was until I went and saw it for myself. There were more microphones and cameras all over the place than you could imagine. But overall the energy of the convention is just super-positive and oriented towards the kids.”

By Kelsi Minter