MATHCOUNTS team sets records

The school’s MATHCOUNTS team made school history Feb. 25, becoming the first “3-peat” champion in the district. Eighth-grader Srimayi T. placed first, eighth-grader Hunter S. won placed second, seventh-grader Nick S. placed third, eighth-grader Micah H. placed seventh place and eighth-grader Atharva C. placed eighth.

Math teacher and team sponsor Steve Thomas was  pleased with the performance.

“This has been the first time that West Shore has won the district competition for a third consecutive year,” Thomas said. “It’s also the first time that West Shore has taken all three of the top places and set the record of five spots in the Top 10.”

Thomas attributes much of the success of the middle school team to its high school student coaches sophomores Ian Chan, Lexie Krehbiel, Clay Uhing and freshman Caleb Bryant.

“The key to our teams success is our coaches,” Thomas said. “They help the successful middle school students of MATHCOUNTS today, become the dominating West Shore high school students of tomorrow.”

“It’s exciting to know that I helped contribute to the team’s success even though I’m too old to actually compete,” Chan said. “Most importantly, I get to know the clever seventh and eighth graders each year.”

By Nicholas Baker

Editor’s note: Brevard Public Schools policy prohibits the use of middle-school students’ last names on its websites.