Math team’s skills add up

West Shore’s geometry team, consisting of eighth graders Phi D., Calista F., and Garrett J., and freshman Christian Hayes placed fourth at The Florida Association of Mu Alpha Theta February Regional math competition on Feb. 1 at Vero Beach High School.
Phi D. prepared by studying with his parents before the competition and brushing up on his math skills.
“Some of the questions were pretty hard but others were fairly easy,” he said. “We [placed] a bit under where we wanted to, but compared to other groups we did fine.”
The rest of results are as follows:
Algebra 2 Individual, 10th Place: Melinda Silaghi
Statistics Individual, 5th Place: Lexie Krehbiel
Geometry Team, 4th place: Phi D., Calista F., Christian Hayes, and Garrett J.
Algebra 2 Team, 5th place: Nina Fusco, Neill Johnston, Melinda Silaghi, and Nicholas Sutton
Calculus Team, 5th place: Kha Duong, Andrew Lim, Taryn Tolle, and Clay Uhing
Sweepstakes, 5th Place (out of 18 schools)

Editor’s note: Brevard Public Schools policy prohibits the inclusion of middle-schoolers’ last name on its web sites.