Math teacher plans maternity leave

Math teacher Sabrina Law recently announced she will stop teaching next year to take time off to be with her soon-to-be-born baby.

“Many people have been talking about me taking an absence for a year, and yes it is true,” Law said. “It will be hard to be away from all my students and staff, but I believe it is important to be with the baby for its first year.”

Freshman Claire Rauchfuss said she supports Law’s decision.

“I heard about Mrs. Law leaving and I’ll miss her cause she is an awesome and nice teacher, but I think it’s a good idea on her part because babies need their moms the most the first year,” Rauchfuss said.

Law said she is still trying to figure out her plan for the baby’s second year.

“I hope to return to West Shore. I don’t know what class I will teach then, but I hope another math subject,” Law said. “Whatever I can teach, I will.”

By Desiree Shields