Math camp set to open June 4

Math camp for incoming seventh-graders begins June 4. The two-week session runs through June 14. The program teaches students different concepts in math and administers a placement test to see if they are ready for Algebra I Honors. Annie Nery, head of the program, said the camp prepares students for their years at West Shore.

“We try to train them to take notes and to organize themselves,” Nery said.

Math teacher Melissa Henderson added that students will learn through hands-on activities to make it fun because after all, it is math for two weeks.

Besides the help students receive in math, the camp offers a chance to get to know the school and other students.

“I met and became friends with a lot of kids there,” current seventh-grader Nic S. said of the camp last summer. “ It helped me become more comfortable with the new atmosphere.”

Nery said the camp has many benefits for students, whether it be finding friends or getting over their fears of being at a new school.

“I haven’t heard of anyone who hasn’t had fun at math camp,” she said.

Henderson recommends the camp to incoming students.

“A lot of kids complain,” she said, “but, in the end, they don’t regret it.”

By Jenna Forry