Matchmaker survey results on sale now

Matchmaker survey results on sale now

Students filled out Matchmaker surveys on March 18 and can purchase the results this week.

Brady Kelsey, Staff Writer

During this week Junior Class will be selling the Matchmaker result forms from surveys that students took during the week before spring break. Students will be charged $2 for their results and they will be available for purchase during lunch.

The results consist of a student’s same-grade match and other grades, most compatible friends and most opposite students.

“It is more interesting than other surveys because you not only find out who you are most like but who’s personality is opposite to yours,” Junior Class Historian Nora McSorely said.
The money collected will be put to use for Prom on April 13.  The expenses of Prom include food, decorations, and a venue which equals “the price of a small wedding,” Junior Class President Jenna Winter said.

“I think it’s good that our fund-raisers benefit people in a fun way. I feel like this is an interesting thing to do that most schools don’t, plus it raises money for Prom,” Winter said. “Even if you’re not specifically interested in the survey, it’s still important just to buy one because Prom won’t pay for itself, and we want it to be the best yet.”