Match-O-Matics surveys completed


(Miriam Gabai/Talon)

An example of the Match-O-Matics that the students will recieve.

The Junior Class is raising money for Prom by holding the annual Match-O-Matics fund-raiser in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

Students completed a questionnaire for Match-O-Matics during homeroom Friday. After filling out the questionnaire, a list of their most compatible matches with other students from the school are printed out and sold for $3 during Valentine’s Day week.

“[Match-O-Matics] is a tradition at this point,” class treasurer Haley Alvarez-Lauto said. “While other years have done this fund-raiser in the past, I think it’s nostalgic for the student body to participate and something they’re excited to take. Any fund-raiser that brings in money is always a benefit for us. Plus, it’s a fund-raiser that easily gets approved by administration.”

Savannah Henderson (12) looks forward to the event.

“The Match-O-Matics, they’re great,” Henderson said. “I hope to find the love of my life. I’ve been waiting for years. Every year, it’s been not great so far, but I’m still hopeful. There’s time. It’s my last year for this, so if I don’t get it here then I don’t really know what I’m going to do.”

By Laya Damaraju