Latin T-shirts in the works

A new Latin T-shirt is being created and refined by Latin teacher Maria Petosa and third-year Latin students in advance of the upcoming Regional Latin Forum.

Petosa asked students to bring in ideas so she can use ideas to put together a shirt. Only one person submitted a sketch of an idea to Petosa from her fourth-period class.

“I’ve already picked the T-Shirt.” Petosa said. “The color and the back will look cool.”

The shirt is going to be steel gray to match school colors and, unlike in years past, it will not contain a slogan.

Petosa said that the shirt is in the process of being created, so there might be a few minor changes to the design.

“I think that it is very original, and it is going to look much better than last year’s,” sophomore Brandon Rabel said.

The price of the shirt is unknown as of now, but will be around $10as long as enough Latin students purchase one.

The Regional Latin Forum will be held at Satellite High School on Jan. 31.

By Chris Savage