Latin student surpasses expectations

Perfect score on a national test, a test taken by thousands of students across 14 foreign countries. Exactly 1,111 test-takers out of more than 136,000 achieved this feat. And freshman Noah Moletteire is of that small circle. Moletteire recently achieved a perfect score on the 2012 National Latin Exam and will receive a special certificate in recognition of his accomplishment from the National Latin Exam Committee.

A second-year Latin student, Moletteire said the success still seems surreal.

“I have always been pretty good at Latin, but I was really surprised,” he said.

Virginia Wills, West Shore’s only Latin teacher, has taught the subject for more than seven years, and has had Noah as a student for two years. While she believed he was a good student, she admits her astonishment.

“He simply surprised us all,” she said.

Moletteire confessed that “when the test started I was only expecting to get a little more than half of them correct.”

He more than exceeded his expectations as he had no incorrect answers.

Moletteire said the only different approach took to the test was to pay more attention to the review. However, he did have special motivation: his older brother, Logan, who graduated last week.

“I want to thank my brother for my success, as he was my inspiration,” he said.

Wills suggested that “Noah has been hiding his light under a bushel.”

On the Latin exam, the light was revealed, and Noah’s brother Logan helped fuel the fire.

By Dave Foster