Latin student prep for upcoming Rome trip

With the fourth quarter now here and the summer break fast approaching, a number of Latin students are excitedly awaiting their excursion to Rome. These students will study basic Italian before the trip in June and their first class will be April 25 after school. The instructor of these classes will be the school’s Latin teacher Tim O’Flaherty.

“I propose that we have our first meeting for Italian lessons and administrative issues starting on Wednesday April 25 at the West Shore after the State Latin Forum is in the rearview mirror,” O’Flaherty said. “With the State Latin Forum in Orlando [April 18-21], now is probably not the best time to add another proverbial rock into our rucksack. The six weeks to go before we launch our trip is more than enough to cover down on basic Italian tourist pronunciation and rules-of-the-road” type of stuff.”

Although these lessons should be helpful, not everyone is convinced.

“I don’t think I will be using much Italian when we are in Rome,” freshman Justin Foster said. “The next time I’m going to use Italian is if I were to go back there in a few years.”

By Sirish Ojha