Latin shirt design honors teacher

Latin students have designed this year’s version of their class T-shirt in recognition of Virginia Wills, who will retire in May after 16 years of  teaching at West Shore.

“The shirt has always been such a cool part of Latin because it shows the school that were Latin students and were proud,” freshman Nick Moore said. “We also get extra credit, which is cool too.”

Student receive five bonus points if they wear their shirts on test days.

The shirt, which will be purple shirt with gold lettering, reads “West Shore Latin ’12-13’” on the front. The lettering on the back contains has a statement in Latin reading “Never Forget Teacher Wills,” and the date of her time at West Shore in Roman numerals.

“I think the color will go very nice because we haven’t had a purple shirt in a long time,” Wills said. “I also appreciate the students’ gesture in commemorating the shirt for my last year.”

Junior Gift Sawangkum said she’s pleased with the design.

“The colors are purple and gold, and I like them,” Sawangkum said. “These are also the colors that Roman officials wear, which is interesting because we will be wearing them too.”

A dilemma occurred in the decision between a V-neck and circular cut. The class repeatedly split its vote several times before the decision of a circular cut was reached.

“I think that the shirt should have been a V-neck,” sophomore Jake Dimond said. “I’m disappointed because V-necks are cool.”

Students were asked to pay a little extra for the shirt to help pay for a retirement celebration for Wills.

Said sophomore Joe Along: “The party is a good idea because the rest of the class does not mind spending the extra money, and it’s a great farewell to Ms. Wills.”

By Steven Tenbusch