Lady Wildcats sink Raiders’ ship

Sarah Brusca, Staff Writer

Junior Christine Sherry led the Lady Wildcats to a 17-2 victory over the Rockledge Raiders in their final home game of the season.  Sherry also scored her 50th goal, establishing her as the team’s leading scorer for the season.

“It’s great to be able to say I was able to accomplish that,” Sherry said. “Of course, I couldn’t have done it without the rest of team.”

Junior Sierra Purden said the game marked an emotional night for the seniors, but they were glad they could give their fans a victory.

“It was kind of different from other teams we’ve played because they had a lot of sportsmanship which made it so much fun to play,” she said. “It was nice to win while enjoying it with the seniors and the team.”

Purden added that the team’s passing and clearing of the ball was solid and that players were all moving around a lot more which opened up additional scoring opportunities.

The Lady Wildcats will close out the regular season at Melbourne High School on Thursday night before heading into the district tournament next week.

On Monday night, the girls defeated Viera 9-8, but not before an end-of-game goal brought the Lady Hawks within one point.

The team did not want a repeat of the Merritt Island game, according to sophomore Kaitlyn Inganna.

While a much-improved Viera team held its own throughout the game, senior Jackie Sherry was not happy with West Shore’s performance.

“The game set the tone for the rest of the week,” she said. “We didn’t do our best.”