Lacrosse struggles to get athletic packets turned in

The lacrosse teams are having trouble getting new and returning players to turn in their athletic packets so that they’re eligible to participate in conditioning, according to returning player Chris Johnson (12).

“People that don’t have physical packets can’t come out,” he said. “They are not just affecting conditioning, but the success of the season. Conditioning helps us prepare for the season, and we need to be able to run with the bigger teams.” 

Zane Korfhage (10) said he’s frustrated with players not reporting for conditioning.

“They’re affecting themselves by not being at conditioning for the season but also the thole team,” he said. 

The team spends of its time running and doing other aerobic workouts to help build stamina.

“It’s not so much upset with them as it is just them letting the team down,” Johnson said. “Other people that are consistently going to conditioning will step up and take their place.” 

By Alex Spak