Lacrosse conditioning begins


Timmy Nguyen

Senior Chris Melchiori runs sprints during lacrosse practice Wednesday afternoon.

With Lacrosse tryouts scheduled for late January new and existing players are staying fit and improving their stamina for the upcoming season, training every day from 3:35 p.m. to 4:45 p.m.

“The conditioning is really helping us because we are going to be able to compete better against hard schools like Melbourne Central Catholic because of our athleticism,” sophomore Kyle Fitzgerald said.

Players begin with static stretches and jogging followed by various running drills such as relay races and modified suicides.

“During the suicides, we start of jogging for 45 seconds. Then, when the coach blows the whistle we sprint at full speed for 15 seconds straight,” senior Alexander Autenrieb said. “Then we repeat this for seven minutes. I love them simply because I know that for a fact that it’s my greatest weakness on this team, and these drills are meant to build our explosive speeds and our endurance for long distances so we can play the entire hour of the game nonstop if we need to. Our goal is do this for 30 minutes straight.”

By Daniel Sizinski