Key Club holds officer elections

Key club members cast their votes for 2012-2013 officers during an after-school meeting Tuesday.

“I look forward to the elections,” club sponsor Sabrina Nobili said. “It gives other members an opportunity for leadership and also brings a fresh start to the club. These elections are especially important because all of the current officers are seniors.”

Candidates presented a one- to two-minute speech explaining why they qualify, why they want to be an officer, and what their plans are for the upcoming school year.

“Key Club has definitely struggled to thrive in school,” club Vice President Lyndsay Yandell said. “There are so many service clubs, but this one is different because it raises money mostly to help kids. I hope that whomever we pass the reins to can continue to grow the club and encourage younger kids to join so the club can keep growing and keep raising money for those in need.”

The new officers will take their role when school starts in the fall.

By Abby Kawa