JV boys fall 58-47 in season finale

Despite rallying from a 24-point deficit, the junior varsity boys’ basketball team lost to Odyssey High School 58-47 Monday night in its final game of the season. 

“We played like trash,” sophomore Carl Koko said. “We took the game for granted, thinking it was an easy win. They took advantage of us not trying on defense, and we didn’t start trying until the last six minutes of the game.”

The team ended with a 3-14 record with victories against Holy Trinity, Edgewood and Covenant Christian.

Still, sophomore Alex Nixon focused on the positives of the season.

“Even though we lost our coach [to illness] halfway through the season and had to play under Shane [Castle] and learn all new plays, we still had fun playing,” he said. “I can’t wait to play with this team again next year.” 

Some of the older players that are on the team will join varsity during the summer to play with them at their tournaments.

By Matthew Marcinkowski