JV basketball loses to Edgewood

The boy’s JV basketball team fell to Edgewood 53-34 Tuesday night. 

“The game was terrible,” freshman Chase Burton said. “We had no energy at all. I feel like I didn’t play how I needed to either. I wasn’t feeling the energy.”

Freshman Raahil Imami also pointed to a lack of intensity.

”I think our team performed poorly because we weren’t energetic enough,” he said. “ We need to act tougher and fight like we really want to win.”

Freshman Laith Rukab said the team needs to develop better chemistry on the court.

”I feel like our team didn’t execute after the first quarter because we weren’t playing or focusing as a team,” Rukab said. “Our team could be so much better if everyone gave it all we got.”

Still, freshman Bennet Kent remains hopeful.

“I think we’ve improved throughout the season, but we still have a far ways to go,” he said. “We have ups and downs, unfortunately not as many ups as we should be having.”

By Grace Kirschner