JV basketball loses games to quarantine

COVID-19 took down the junior and and varsity basketball teams when three games were canceled Dec. 10 due to a player’s positive test.

“Our season has been good but annoying with all the obstacles we’ve faced along the way,” freshman Adrian Delia said.  “We’ve had some tough losses and then we got quarantined.”

Delia is a first-year player on the JV team and has been looking forward to the season.

“Getting quarantined is never really good for a team,” he said.

The news had to be broken to the players somehow. It was just a matter of where and when.

“The West Shore staff called us over the school intercom to come to the cafeteria and told us that a member of the varsity team contracted COVID-19,” Delia said.

The team’s quarantine will last for two weeks, so they want to be safe and stay in shape.

“I’ve been playing and practicing my skills at home with my brother for the time being,” Delia said.  “Our season is far from over and when we get back from Christmas break we will be playing again.”

JV player Chris Wood had similar thoughts on getting quarantined.

“I was really bummed out and everyone shared the same sadness when we got called into the cafeteria,” Wood said.  “The worst part is that we weren’t going to be able to play together for a while.”

Wood said he and his teammates plan to stay in shape during the break.

“There will be a lot of us just going to local basketball courts in the area,” Wood said. “Probably everyday to stay sharp and work on our game.”

Although he was devastated, Wood understood the urgency of the situation.

“We had just had a joint practice with varsity and JV together, so it would definitely be possible for some of the JV guys to get sick,” Wood said. “Lucky none of the guys have gotten sick that I know of.”

By Emily Oliver