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Juniors, others to take PSAT today

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All juniors and students from other grades who signed up will take the PSAT today during the first three periods of the school day.

“The PSAT does three things,” guidance official Mike Drake said. “It gives students the opportunity to practice for the SAT, lets you get the resources from the collegeboard .com like College Quickstart, and helps you find what your strengths and weaknesses are.”

Drake also said that students who take the PSAT score 146 points higher on the SAT than students who do not.

“I want to take this test to get practice on the PSAT,” freshman Marissa Patel said.” There’s probably been an increase in sign-ups because there’s a lot of new kids here.”

According to Drake, the PSAT is a miniature version of the SAT with less time and no essay. It is similar to the PLAN, an ACT practice exam.

“The more times you do it, the more comfortable you are.” he said.

By Natalie Brown


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The School Newspaper of West Shore Junior/Senior High School
Juniors, others to take PSAT today