Juniors launch magazine fund-raiser

Jenna Winter, Staff Writer

The Junior Class launched its annual magazine drive this week. Great American Opportunities gives juniors the opportunity to raise money for their prom. Students will be selling magazine subscriptions through Sept. 6. Junior Class will receive 40 percent of sales. The orders will be turned into the junior homerooms.

Junior Class Treasurer Sierra Purden said she has mixed feelings about the fund-raiser.

“It could go really bad or really well, depending on the attitudes of the rest of the juniors and if they make an effort to sell them,” Purden said. “The money is really needed for prom and the Junior Class club is hoping this and other fund-raisers, like car washes and sponsorships through restaurants will get them most of the money by Winter Break.

Some of the magazines Great American Opportunities is offering are Sports Illustrated, Time, Shape and Southern Living.

“My parents typically subscribe to magazines, so now this will be fund-raising too,” junior Keiran Sheridan said.