Junior Powderpuff practices scheduled for today

Julia Levy, Staff Writer

Both girls’ and boys’ powderpuff practice is scheduled to be held today after school. All boys are to meet in courtyard for practice. The girls’ practice will be begin on the fields farthest from the gym at 3:50 p.m. In order to participate EL2 and EL3 forms are required.

“The practices are pretty fun and exciting,” junior Timmy Pham said. “We’ve just started on learning all the basic choreography. I’m looking forward to a really awesome performance by us when it comes time.”

This will be the boys’ third practice.

“I see the boys performing with raw enthusiasm,” said junior Caroline Miller, who’s helping with choreography. “All of the coaches are thrilled to be doing this. I was disappointed to find out a lot of boys were not doing it because they would have been a great addition to the team.”

Miller also said that practices have been difficult due to students’ scheduling conflicts.

“It’s hard to make all the practices especially when you participate in other activities,” junior Tyler Moscrip said. “For example, in my case I have soccer pretty much every day of the week and games on weekends, so I have trouble making practices.”

Boys practice is scheduled to end at 5 p.m.

“Tuesday’s practice was small, so I hope more people show up Friday,” junior Abbie Kellner said.
“But I still can’t wait to crush the seniors.”