Junior Class T-shirts on sale this week

T-shirts for the Junior Class will be on sale this week in the cafeteria.

“We could possible extend the date for sales depending on how the first week goes,” Junior Class president Stephanie Delgado said. “But we’re definitely going to start selling Monday.”

T-shirts will cost $10 and will benefit the Junior Class.

“There’s two t-shirt designs that students can choose from,” Delgado said. “One is white with graffiti font on the front. The other is black with white ink that reads ‘Un3eatable’ and on the back it reads ‘best there will ever be’ repeatedly creating a ‘13.’”

The designs were created by Christy Hernadez and Kylie Wenger.

“My friend is really artistic, and I always wanted to be able to draw something as good as her,” Hernandez said. “I thought this would be a good opportunity for me to do that. I also thought it’d be cool because people who bought the shirts could remember me.”

T-shirts should arrive two to three weeks after students place their orders.

“The shirts are really hip and modern,” Delgado said. “I think people will like them.”