Junior Class officers reflect on the year

As the end of the school year nears, the Junior Class reflects on their experiences. Secretary Aiden Meyers called the year  “fantastic.”

“I think overall it was a great year and I was so lucky to work with such awesome people as co-officers and our amazing class sponsor, [Melanie Richardson],” Meyers said. “She is the epitome of the role. I cannot thank her enough for all she has done for us this year.”

Vice President Madelyn Sorgenfrei agreed with Meyers’ assessment.

“Given the circumstances of this year, I think it went pretty well,” she said. “We all got elected during junior year so we missed out on planning Powderpuff and all of that stuff, but all of the things we did get to do were very fun. Because of COVID, we were elected late in the year and we didn’t get to plan Powderpuff, Mrs. Richardson did all of that.”

Sorgenfrei said the end of her junior year feels bittersweet.

“I’m kind of sad it’s over, but high school can’t last forever and I’m happy I made the most of my junior year,” she said.

Meyers said his recovery from a first-semester car crash hampered his participation as a Junior Class officer.

“I’d say in terms of my specific role, I’m a little bit sad. I didn’t really do much, especially with my car accident,” he said. “I just never had the time, or quite frankly, the thought to dedicate to the role. That has been really hard mentally, but I made the most of this year.”

By Rooney Saleh