Journalism students start 2016 yearbook

Even though the delivery date for the 2016 yearbook is more than a year away, journalism students already have begun theme discussion.

“It all starts with key words that describe or have to do with our school,” sophomore Kathryn Etherton said. [Journalism teacher Mark] Schledorn’s whiteboard is covered with words and phrases. Taking those words and coming up with something clever, though, is the challenging part.”

The students were then put into groups and told to come up with their own yearbook theme and include all the necessary components for a complete yearbook plan, including headings that relate back to the theme for sports, clubs, lifestyle, pictures and ads.

“It was really hard when I was by myself, but when our group got together and started throwing out ideas, we came up with some really good ones,” sophomore Matthew Moscrip said.

Schledornis having all of his classes come up with themes and the best one could potentially be chosen for the 2016 book.

“It would be so rewarding to see our theme on the cover of the yearbook, and know that our hard work paid off,” Etherton said.

By Kelly Batache