Jazz band to play at assisted living facility

The school’s jazz band will perform at an assisted living facility on Saturday.

“[Last Year’s performance] was really fun, but we had no idea what to expect,” junior Jordan Stowers said.  “That was the first time we had done anything like that.”

The band members now have some experience playing at the facility.

“Basically everyone met up and got their instruments ready, and we all warmed up in the hallway after setting up our playing area,” Stowers said. “Once we were ready, we went on and played for probably around an hour or so.  Then we stayed and watched the ceremony, which was just important people talking about the establishment basically, and played a few minutes afterwards. It’s a really nice feeling. These songs take a lot of time and effort to perform perfectly.  When someone comes up to you and tells you how much of a better mood your music put them in, you just know all your hard work has paid off.”

Junior Marc Spurlock said he hops for a similar response from the residents Saturday.

“It’s a good feeling,” he said.  “I enjoy making someone’s day. Gigs are generally fun, but it’s a good cause. It’s always great to liven up someone’s day. The people there were very appreciative, and they enjoyed it.”

By Jeannine Widere