Jazz band in full swing for the holidays

Nathaniel Curtis, Managing Editor

‘Tis the season for the music department to hold its winter concerts. For jazz band — the show scheduled for 6:30 p.m. on Dec. 11 in the school auditorium — will be nothing new. However, it will be the last holiday concert for the seniors, which could end up leading to a “blue Christmas.”

“It’s always hard for me seeing the seniors leave,” band director Carol Allen said. “I tear up a bit each time. It’s not as bad as the spring concert, but knowing that they won’t be there to practice with us next year is hard.”

The band, however, is focused on making spirits bright and its song selection will go along way toward making that happen.

“We’re playing some of our favorite jams,” junior Daniel Tenbusch said. “Which means that they’ll be played with a lot of enthusiasm. It’s usually a pretty good show regardless of what we play, but we are practicing a lot too, so they’ll be great.”

The song choice includes selections from “Sound of Music” and “Charlie Brown Christmas.” The band expects them to be crowd-pleasers.

“It would really make my last winter band concert if people got up and danced this time,” senior Dakota Helbig said. “I have been in band since seventh-grade. Leaving is going to be hard.”