It’s lonely at the top for Latin IV student

It’s probably not easy being the school’s only Latin IV student, but sophomore Joe Along thinks he has what it takes.

“I don’t mind being on a separate curriculum, but it’s somewhat difficult when I can’t collaborate with anyone,” he said. “I also do a lot of solo projects, which I find somewhat lonely.”

Latin teacher Virginia Wills said she doesn’t mind and even appreciates taking time out of class to teach Along.

“I enjoy spending about 10 minutes per class with Joe and the Latin IV curriculum,” Wills said. “But I still do a good job of staying on top of Latin III students, who, by majority, take priority.”

Along is also a little despondent that previous classmates have left him.

“I am disappointed that classmates from last year did not stick with it,” Along said. “But being alone doesn’t bother me too much because the class itself is not too hard.”

Previous Latin student Daniel Tenbusch has an opinion on Latin IV.

“I feel the class is really not that significant,” Tenbusch said. “Joe is not getting a full and personalized Latin IV experience, and the only benefit is that the class looks good on a college resume.”

By Steven Tenbusch