iPhone 7 debuts on campus

Apple’s latest phone has begun showing up in the backpacks of students after its mid-September launch. Technologically eager students have had three weeks to try out the new phones by Apple. What do they think?

“I like that it has a vibration instead of a button, and the camera is a lot better,” freshman Kirra Overton said.

Some in the media have criticized the removal of the headphone jack.

“The headphone jack doesn’t really matter to me because you can just put the adapter in,” freshman Josh Freeman said.

Overton, on the other hand, experienced a learning curve.

“It made me uncomfortable at first, but I’ve gotten used to it,” Overton said.

Overton uses the new headphones that plug into the lightning connector.

Neither of the two have said they know many other people at West Shore who have the iPhone 7, but they both have said that the majority of the people they know at school are Apple users.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been released at a similar time, making it the iPhone 7’s main competition at the moment.

“I didn’t have a choice either way , but I’ve seen Androids and they’re a lot different than iPhones,” Overton said. “I’m more used to them. Also, the Android phones don’t have very good cameras, and the text format is also different.”

By Dylan O’Bryan