International Festival plan in works

Members of the Spanish Honor Society say they are determined to put on the International Fiesta this year. It’s been three years since the last International Fiesta was held, according to club Secretary Natalia Marmol.

“We want to make this event happen so that it can promote different international cultures and show people what can be learned from them,” Marmol said.

Last year’s International Fiesta was cancelled due to the lack of volunteer work and donations, according to President Christy Hernandez.

“This year we plan to start looking for volunteers and donations early so that we can show people that Spanish Honor Society does actually do stuff,” she said.

The club also is trying to think of ways to persuade students to come out and support its efforts, according to club Historian Shivani Laloo.

“We hope to have cultural performances or activities for an audience to watch,” Laloo said.

World language teachers might even offer extra credit to their students for attending.

“I know students would do any easy assignment to get a good grade in my class,” Spanish teacher Awilda Marti said. “So why not give them extra credit to attend a event supporting the Spanish Honor Society.”

By Michelle Maldonado