Interim reports go paperless

When interim reports were issued this week, students did not receive their grades on paper. That’s because school administrator have decided to issue the reports through Edline accounts, which will save materials, manpower and money.

“I think it’s a great idea.  It’s all about saving the environment, right?” West Shore parent Stacy Bauler said.

The interim reports printed on paper were the same reports students and parents could access in Edline.  With the new system, parents won’t have to dig through backpacks or repeatedly ask for their kids for their interims.

“I think it’s a replication from where [the interim reports] already were,” testing coordinator Mike Drake said.

The school saves money because paper and ink do not need to be used to print the reports.  In addition, teachers will not have to spend time in seventh period distributing the interim reports.

By Erika Dietl