Injuries deplete Purrfections dance squad

Several Purrfections dancers are hurt or recovering from major injuries, stressing the team as the winter sports season begin.

“So there’s basically four injuries right now,” junior Macie Goldfarb said. “Jessie [Shaw] had a surgery for a torn meniscus and is still recovering. I had a torn meniscus too but I’m basically healed from that besides some pain with pressure and stuff. Abi [Johnson] has an injured back and then Maddie [Brownlie] has a disease in her knees.”

These injuries come before the first basketball game.

“Monday night might be a little weird if some people can’t roll or go on the floor or do technique full out, but overall we have such a positive and talented group so we’re still going to go out there and perform at our best,” Goldfarb said.

The dancers also have been practicing for their upcoming competition in January. Routines need to be practiced so that each dancer is moving at the same time. With multiple dancers recovering or out due to injuries, it makes this hard to do. However, sophomore Bella Stazzone remains optimistic the team will be able to pull through.

“We are just hoping that everyone will be OK by then to dance,” Stazzone said. “But we are in very high spirits and bringing each other up and really making the most of all injuries.” 

By Lasya Damaraju