Indialantic Force enjoys successful weekend

Sophomore Ian Leighton scored three goals to lead the U-17 Boys’ Indialantic soccer team to a 7-0 victory against Ocala in the first of two weekend games.  The second was a home game at Hoover fields, the final score was 12-1 with another win the for the team. 

“Although the teams we played weren’t the best competition, it was a good way to get back into the flow,” Leighton said. “It really helped our team get some chemistry back after the high-school season.”

Five players from the school’s state championship team play for Indialantic, giving the team great confidence as its players get back into the different play style of club soccer. Sophomore Collin Robidoux scored a volley in the first game.

“I didn’t really know where it was going to go,” Robidoux said. “I just swung my leg and hoped it went it.”

The team has to prepare for state cup. The tournament starts in the last week of March, and the boys will compete against the best teams in all of Florida. Last season the boys got out in an early round, but sophomore Chase Hester said he believes his team can make a strong push in this year’s state cup.

“I think during the high-school season all the players playing really benefited from it,” Hester said. “I can’t wait to see us compete against some quality teams.”

Indialantic has two away games this weekend, one on Saturday and one on Sunday.

By Cameron Yeutter