IHB Breakers prepare for spring season

Coach Pete Gerow already is training the girls’ Indian Harbour Beach breakers FSL U16 soccer team for the spring season State Cup Tournament.

“My key goal for the team this year is to develop a core of devoted strong players capable of competing at the state cup level,” he said.

He has held several scrimmages and select tournaments such as the Space Coast 3 Vs 3 Tournament throughout the season to prepare the girls to compete at a higher level.

Gerow trains the soccer team by having members run laps and sprint drills several times a week.

“In addition, I have set the expectation that my players run on their off days to stay in shape,” he said.

While the girls have improved, many were new to the team had to get used to playing with each other.

“I think they need to focus on commitment to the team,” Gerow said. “It is essential to show up for all practices and games in order to improve cohesive play.”

There are 16 teams in the division with several sponsors consisting of mostly small- to medium-sized businesses.

“I have set a firm expectations. Regular attendance to practice is mandatory. We are competing at the state cup versus the regional cup level,” Gerow said.

Staff report