Hurricane Erika possibly hitting Brevard County

Evan Cooper, Staff Writer

As the weekend is upon us, there is Hurricane Watch for the state of Florida.  This morning, Rick Scott issued a state of emergency for the State of Florida, as the storm approaches. Erika has been a fairly weak tropical storm throughout the week, hitting islands in the Caribbean, causing flash flooding and high winds.  This storm is still days away, and is expected to hit early next week.  However,  it’s path can still change.  Being the first major tropical storm or hurricane to directly hit Florida in over five years, there are many different opinions about it throughout the school.

” To get ready for the storm, my parents are putting gas in their cars.  We are also stocking up on canned food and bottled water ” ninth grader Andrew Leonard said. ”  It would be nice to have a day off of school.  As long as the storm is not too destructive, I guess I’m looking forward to it  ”

” I am completely prepared for the hurricane” history and psychology teacher, Jim Pustay said.

” I’m making sure that I have an operating radio and flashlight.” eleventh grader Chase Montgomery said.  ” I guess I’m looking forward to the storm since we haven’t had one in over a decade.”

It is uncertain how bad the storm will be, but if it hits, be prepared.

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