Horror Nights 22 promises ‘insanity’

Jessica Blanco, Events editor

Being scared is an understatement. Universal Studios Resort in Orlando is hosting what it’s calling the scariest Halloween Horror Nights ever. With pop culture themes including Silent Hill, Walking Dead and Alice Cooper, Universal promises a scare for everyone.

With more haunted houses, more Legions of Horror stalking you on the street, and more “magic for people with questionable tastes” side shows, it’s no wonder Universal will have another Golden Ticket Award by Amusement Today.

There are seven haunted houses, each themed completely different. There is an AMC’s The Walking Dead house where there is a “city crawling with hoards of walkers,” and there will be iconic scenes from the TV show. The video-game inspired “Silent Hill” has its own haunted house with the iconic “ash falling from the sky.” The attraction also  is a precursor to the second movie “Silent Hill: Revelation in 3-D” which has been scheduled for release on Oct. 26. The Alice Cooper “Welcome To My Nightmare” house takes a journey into the iconic acid-rocker Cooper’s “twisted and obscure mind” filled with the four-decades of personal-torments. Participants will face to face with  myriad tormentors.

“When I heard about the “Silent Hill” haunted house, I thought to myself ‘I kind of have to go to that,” junior Samantha Grant said.

The ticket prices for Florida residents vary from a single night of horror on Sundays through Thursdays for $41.99 plus tax to the Frequent Fear plus and the HHN Express pass, which offers participants every night of the HHN for $229.99 plus tax.