Honor clubs present ‘lucky’ fund-raiser

If you’re looking for a way to invite someone to Prom, the St. Patrick’s Day fund-raiser that Junior Beta Club and National Junior Honor Society is holding now through March 16, may be your solution.

“Give us green, get some gold. Spread the luck, and luck you’ll hold,” Junior Beta member Lydia Roby said to describe the candy gram fund-raiser.

Members of the honor organizations will be selling two chocolate gold coins for 50 cents to which customers will be allowed to attach a shamrock with a message. Anyone —  even those who aren’t Irish — can buy a candy gram in the cafeteria during lunch time.

“It has become less of a national festival and it’s more global now – universal to everybody. It’s not really an exclusive holiday. Everyone can participate,” NJHS member Ananda Sundararaman said about St. Patrick’s Day.

The money raised will go toward the groups’ their general expenses, as well as replacing the money the clubs donated to the school’s canopy project.

“It’s important [that we raise these funds] so we can keep helping people,” Roby said.

The clubs have helped a variety of causes, including support for the military, and helping kids in the hospital.

By Christina Baylen