Homerooms can help exam-cram

With exams rapidly approaching, students are cramming in time to study for their tests at any chance possible. Throughout exam week, most students find it a convenient time to study in between their exams during homeroom. The question is, should students be using the time to relax or review?

Freshman Malea Nelson said in the past her homeroom has primarily focused on studying before the next exam.

“My homeroom teacher has us study by ourselves and although sometimes it gets annoying, it helps,” Nelson said. “I feel like the time spent studying should be split up, such as we would be spending most of the time studying and maybe like the last 10 minutes of class socializing.”

Sophomore homeroom adviser Gabrielle Powers said students should spend their time studying during homeroom before exams.

“I think the students need a little downtime, but I also agree that they do need to be using that time during homeroom to study a little bit, then refresh. But if you cram too much information at someone, they are just going to shut down at a certain point,” Powers said. “I leave it up to my homeroom students whether they want to review, but I also feel like working together with somebody in your grade who is taking the class with you is a good opportunity to form study groups. Learning from a teacher is one way to learn. Learning from a student, who has caught on to the information, is even more helpful.”

By Briana Sandoval