Homecoming in the gym? SGA says maybe

Homecoming in the gym? SGA says maybe

Carleigh Walter, Special to the Roar

The High School Student Government Association is considering moving next fall’s Homecoming dance to the school gymnasium.

The idea first surfaced when SGA sponsor Heidi Heath and Principal Rick Fleming were exchanging thoughts on a venue change.

“It’s something I’ve been mulling over for some time,” Heath said. “I thought it was a decent idea, and I wanted to run it past [Fleming].”

Because a booking miscommunication with Brevard Community College’s King Center resulted in a last-minute change in this year’s graduation date, Fleming is shying away from returning to the Black Box and Rotunda in the King Center for next fall’s Homecoming dance.

“I’m a little aggravated with the King Center,” he said. “We had requested the graduation date in May of last year, but they never sent us the contract after putting us in the book for May 20, 2011. Then they gave our date to Melbourne Central Catholic, placing our graduation at an earlier date.”

A Homecoming dance Fleming attended in the 1990s was in gym at the school where he worked. He said our school could place a tarp on the floor and permanently line the top of the gym with Velcro in order to hang drapes on the walls.
Without the SGA having to spend a large amount of money on an off-campus venue, all funds would go directly to the decorations budget.

While this decision is not final, it has created controversy among SGA members.

“It’s not the venue that matters,” sophomore Melissa Rosasco said.“We’re still going to do the same thing, and its not like anybody really pays attention to the venue anyway.”

Freshman Jenna Winter disagrees.

“Homecoming is supposed to be a formal event,” she said. “If we had it in the gym, it wouldn’t be any different than a project graduation dance.”