High expectations for French competition

French students have begun practicing for Congrès, a French competition that begins March 12. Congrès was founded in 1952 by Suzan Carrel.

“The competition started off at a small scale,” French teacher Jennifer Walker said. “It has grown since then and now about 100 schools participate.”

Expectations are high this year for West Shore, which has obtained a superior —  the highest mark awarded — in the French 1 play category for 15 consecutive years.

“I’m hoping for a superior in the French 1 play as well as the upper play,” Walker said. “I also hope for a superior in the album we are making.”

The album is a big book compiling pictures of French culture and what has been going on in the French program at West Shore.

The team also looks to successfully defend the Brain Bowl title it won last year. Two out of the three contestants will be returning.

Twenty-nine students from West Shore are scheduled to participate.

“I expect there to be a fun and challenging competition between West Shore and other competing schools,” sophomore Will Cosker said. “The last time I went it was extremely fun watching the Brain Bowl and going to the big dinner with my friends.”

The competition runs from March 12 through March 14.

By Jett Morgan