Harry Potter Club cancels movie outing

Due to many members of Harry Potter Club having commitments during Thanksgiving break, club officers decided to cancel the plan to attend a showing of “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” at the Oaks Premiere Theatre on Nov. 19.

“We decided to cancel going to see the movie because people were busy packing, and going on vacation for Thanksgiving,” officer Zoe Boyer said.

The club officers are planning to schedule another event to make up for this canceled one.

“We’re trying to workout with everyone’s schedules, so we’re planning to do something, but we’re not sure what yet,” officer Kayla Aranda said.

Some members weren’t pleased the event was canceled.

“I’m going to be honest, I didn’t really know about the event, but that kind of makes me sad now because we can do so much [as a club] as it is,” freshman Abby Goodman said.

Senior Sofia Pietrzak said she’s looking forward to the upcoming events the officers are planning.

“I’m hoping that I can go to as much [events] as possible, but being in senior year is a little busy so I hope I can get to go to a lot of things,”  she said.

By Alyssa Dumbra