Guidance hopes students reflect through reflection

The guidance department recently has “upped its bulletin board game,”decorating the board outside its offices with tiny mirrors with the words “Meet the person responsible for your actions, …attitude…grades…words” in order to get not only students, but faculty as well, to grow.

“ We all need to be reminded that without self-reflection, growth cannot occur,” testing coordinator Mike Drake said.

Drake, along with guidance clerk Leslie Kellner and new guidance counselor Hannah Smith, designed the bulletin board with the idea that some students will take the message seriously.

“I hope that they will look at the mirrors and realize that they’re the ones that are responsible for [themselves] and their success,” Kellner said.

While the mirrors are a visual way of putting it, the guidance teams ultimately aims to get some students to get the main message.

“We thought it was a lighthearted approach to convey [the message that] we all bear the majority of the responsibility for our own success, failure, thoughts, actions and decisions,” Drake said. “I’m sure as with all things like this, some people are probably not impacted at all while it may promote a deep level of self-reflection in others.”

By Olivia Thompson