Greenleaf paces MU Alpha Theta win

Senior Michael Greenleaf carried the MU Alpha Theta team through its first Florida Mathlete competition on Oct. 29, earning a first place in the individual competition.

“The problems were extremely hard even with the calculator,” Greenleaf said. “I’m glad we did well overall and winning this is a big boost to our team’s spirit.”

During the competition, each member of the team had an hour to solve six words problems and each question was worth one point. Yet even with the assistance of a graphing calculator, the average score was only 2 to 3 points while Greenleaf earned 6 points, a perfect score.

“It’s good that your hard works pay off,” Greenleaf said. “Even though I didn’t get any money for winning, pride and respect make up for it.”

The team’s coach, Debra Jerdon, continues to give out practice tests and new lessons hoping to improve members’ performance and get them ready for the upcoming major competitions in Orlando.

Trung Van