Graphic design students take advantage of extended deadlines

Digital arts students now have received an extended deadline on their top art pieces, with the first show which was slated for Thanksgiving break being cancelled. The opening show now takes place in the first week of December.

“It’s really helped me work on and think about my art,” junior Joe Luisi said. “It also helps me figure out all of the little details and makes everything come together.”

Digital art students tend to move at a steady pace, so revisiting older pieces and improving on them can be necessary when preparing for a show.

“It hasn’t really helped my art, but at least has given me more time to evaluate what I’ve already done,” junior Hannah Johnson said.

All students have been working in programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator all year. Their best pieces will be displayed and evaluated in the school media center Dec. 5-9.

By Sanjay Ramchandani