Graduation ceremony to be live-streamed

The May 27 graduation ceremony will be streamed from Melbourne’s King Center on a broadcasting website named this year for those who would like to watch but cannot get a ticket.

“It’s going to be kind of hard to watch some of my really good friends and even my brother graduate this year,” sophomore Ethan Mooney said. “Knowing that they will all be gone next year and I won’t see them as often is a really weird thing to think about.”

Some people would like to tune in later on in the stream to mainly listen to the speeches that some of the teachers and students have written.

“Every graduation ceremony so far that I have been to or watched has had some very interesting and funny speeches,” sophomore Evan Lanier said. “I have a few friends that will be giving speeches this year and I’m curious to how they will turn out.”

If you would like to tune into the stream the link to the website is Anyone and everyone can watch and it is free of charge.

By Brian Drost