Goldfarb eligible for free trip to Israel

Junior Macie Goldfarb recently discovered she is eligible for a free trip to Israel. Birthright, an organization dedicated to taking young Jewish Americans to their motherland, pays for all food, transportation and other accommodations involved in the journey.

“Ever since I went to religious school and started learning about Israeli culture, I really wanted to go,” Goldfarb said.

Participants are put into groups and taken through the country in order to learn more about their spirituality and become immersed in the culture. Due to the age requirements of the program, Goldfarb is waiting until the summer after her graduation before making the journey. As long as she turns 18 before the trip departure date, she is eligible.

“I really wanted to see the world, and this trip is like the perfect opportunity,” Goldfarb said.

She said she first heard about Birthright when a rabbi-in-training at her temple recommended it. After doing some research, Goldfarb was surprised to see she qualified.

“The fact that I could go for free is pretty insane,” Goldfarb said. “I know that the trip is a long way off, but I’m excited because now I have another thing to look forward to after my senior year.”

By Breanna Gallagher