Girls’ tennis falls at regionals 4-3

Girls’ tennis loses 4-3 at regionals against The Benjamin School in Palm Beach Gardens Tuesday.

“As we were driving down, we were getting hailed on and our phones were giving us thunderstorm and tornado warnings,” junior Sidney Jones said. “When we got there, it was still raining.”

The match was delayed almost three hours due to the rain. The court was dried using court blowers.

“It was very changing due to the weather and rain delay,” Coach Springer Jones said. “I felt like we could have given them a bigger challenge, but under the circumstances it took a toll.”

Junior Abby Mechachonis won her singles match. The Benjamin School forfeited both the doubles matches.

Eighth-grader Teyha B., and sophomores Sarah Bahsoun, Maci Pekmezia and Rosellen Rodriguez lost their singles matches.

By Dhanvi Patel