Girls’ soccer falls to MCC 3-2

Seniors Elena Barr and Sydney Zamorano each scored a goal but it wasn’t enough as the girls’ varsity soccer team fell to Melbourne Central Catholic 3-2 Wednesday night.

“The game was a fight, and we gave it our all to put everything in and tried to get that goal to tie it up,” sophomore midfielder Jonelle Plahuta said. “As a team, if we stay composed stuck in and play our game we’ll do well. I hope to do this in practice so we can get the formation down to a ‘T’ and be able to move the ball around the field quickly and efficiently.” 

Despite the loss, sophomore Tyanna Tizol said playing against a formidable opponent is good for the team.

“With all the games that we play against teams like Cocoa, it helps the team move the ball but at the same it does not because it’s not a whole ton of pressure being put on to us when we have the ball at our feet,” she said. “Playing with teams like MCC helps us get better with playing the ball at a much quicker pace. I felt we outplayed MCC by miles, but we just have a few more things to work on in practice.”

By Jacob Klenotich