Girls’ lacrosse uniforms arriving late

The girls’ lacrosse uniforms did not arrive in time for the team’s season-opener against Viera on Friday due to a mixup with the company from which the uniforms were ordered. The players will had to wear last season’s uniforms.

“It’s upsetting that the uniforms aren’t here in time [for the game], but it’s better late than never,” freshman Amanda Moscrip said.

This year’s uniforms are different in that they are skorts, instead of shorts, and the tops are racer backs instead of last year’s regular jerseys.

“ I’m really happy about this year’s uniforms. I’ve always wanted skorts because that’s what the professionals play in,” junior Moriah Douglas said.

Although the delivery delay upset some of the players, others didn’t think twice about it.

“ Uniforms really aren’t that big of a priority right now,” sophomore Genna Owen said. “ We should be focused on preparing for our upcoming games and trying to play the best we can.”

The Lady Wildcats will play their next game at Satellite High on Tuesday at 5 p.m.

By Kayley Lew